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5 Ways To Keep Pests Out This Winter

All year long, our team can help protect your home from pests. In the winter time, there are some key steps you can take to safeguard your house. Read on for the best ideas on preventing bug problems in the winter.

1. Keep Your Home Clean

Start in areas that attract bugs, such as the kitchen. The first thing to do is keep all dishes clean and food off all areas of the counters. Make it a point to clear all hard to reach areas regularly, including the floorboards. Store the pet food in airtight containers so bugs don’t get in. Also, take your garbage out regularly. These precautions will help you to have a home and kitchen clear of pests.

2. Protect Entry Points

Seal entry points into the home, such as windows and doors. Caulk any potential holes or cracks where bugs can get in.

Any space large enough to let light in is big enough for bugs to crawl through.

Take a look at screens and be sure they are in good condition. This can also be an area where bugs can crawl in through.

Take another precaution by installing an aluminum step where the entry doors are. It does an excellent job in deterring bugs.

3. Keep Your Home In Good Condition

Address any home repairs immediately. Keep the house in peak condition and don’t fall behind on any home improvement or repairs that it needs.

This extends to the landscaping and taking care of the perimeter of the home. Reducing overgrowth will deter bugs or pests.

4. Manage Water

Keep an eye on leaks or other potential sources of water in the house. Be sure not to let standing pools of water develop anywhere, including the sink.

5. Clear Clutter

Do not invite bugs by having large amounts of clutter. This provides a dark, warm place for them to nest. Do not bring clutter into your home. Keep all rooms and areas free of debris and anything else where bugs could potentially hide.

Stay neat and organized, and make it a point to not have too many objects on the ground or piled up. If you need to store objects, keep them in an airtight container. Anything sitting for a while should be stored in such containers. Also, be sure to clean the floors and vacuum regularly.

Contact Midwestern Pest Control for help with your pest issues today. We help all year round, including the winter. Let us know how we can assist you in keeping your home pest free all year round!

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