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Are Your Houseplants the Cause of Your Pest Problem?

There are many benefits to having houseplants. They can reduce stress levels, act as an air purifier, lift moods and even improve concentration. So, it is important to keep these household helpers free of invasive pest problems that would not only destroy them but may also cause significant pest infestation to your home. To do this, you must first identify the pests accurately and then seek the correct treatment.

Indoor plants require the optimal environment to thrive. If the right environment is not maintained, they can become weak and more susceptible to pest attacks. Too little sunlight, too hot or cold temperatures or overly wet or dry soil will all contribute to putting a plant and your home at risk.

Identify the Intruder

There are two main types of houseplant pests: soft bodies and hard shells. Aphids are one of the most common soft body insects. They are small, vary in color and form in clusters. They are generally found on leaves and can take over within days.

Hardshell pests include scales that pretty much are exactly as they sound. Small insects attach themselves to the stem of the plant with hard, oval-shaped shells. They are tougher to treat, even with expensive pesticides. This means that the infestation could spread steadily before a full treatment is completed.

There are many other insects like Spider mites that overrun territory with webbings and Fungal Gnats which thrive in damp, humid spaces.

Diligence is key. Inspect the plant before bringing it indoors to avoid bringing in those unwanted visitors. Monitor the state of your plant regularly to prevent a problem from multiplying and spreading quickly throughout your home. For more information on how to prevent pest problems visit our website.

Identify the Right Solution

It is crucial to correctly identify the insects for pest control to be effective. Applying the wrong solution could cost you both your plant and your pocket. There are home remedies that may help get rid of these bugs such as strong water showers, insecticide soap or rubbing alcohol. However, repeated treatment will more than likely be necessary when the offender is properly identified. Additionally, home remedies may not work well if the infestation is already out of control.

Midwestern Pest Control can help keep your home pest-free by providing the right effective treatment. There is no need to coexist with these critters. Get back to a comfortable, pest-free living by contacting an expert today!

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