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Best Way to Get Rid of the Most Common Apartment Pests

One of the best parts of living in an apartment is that your landlord takes care of maintenance. However, you’re on your own for maintenance issues like having nasty pests in your home. If you see a roach or ant crawling across your floor, you need to know what to do. At Midwestern Pest Control we created this guide to get rid of the pests you are most likely to encounter throughout your apartment. 

The Worst Offenders

Cockroaches may be the worst nightmare you can think of, but they are not the most common pests you may encounter. That frustrating honor goes to the fly. You may also have trouble with ants, mice or bedbugs.

Many of these creepy crawlies love to hang out in the kitchen or bathroom. If you leave out leftovers or let the fruit sit on your countertop, you can expect to see flies buzzing around or ants creeping into your pantry. 

Insects love the dark and damp, and bedbugs will happily travel through wood or cracks in walls and floors. Unfortunately, if a neighbor in your complex has bedbugs, you might get them, too.

The problem increases if you have pets. If you have a litter box for cats in your home, empty it regularly. When you let your dog outside, your furry friend can potentially bring bugs back into your apartment with it once the door is shut.

What to Do

These insects and rodents are frustrating to deal with, but you can treat them with a little help. You can set up bait traps in problem areas for ants and roaches. Keep food items in tightly closed containers whenever possible. Vacuum carpets and rugs, and sweep and mop frequently. 

Care for your floors at least once a week. Get into the corners and dark areas of your apartment with your cleaning treatment as much as possible. Close up any gaps under doors with stoppers to help you keep your home climate-controlled. 

Who to Hire for Pest Control - Midwestern Pest Control

Depending on your personal lease agreement, you may need to get your landlord’s permission. However, if you are struggling to get rid of any of these troublesome pests, seek professional assistance. 

We are committed to using our years of experience to help you, and we will create a plan that is suited specifically for your apartment and personal requirements. Contact Midwestern Termite & Pest Control today to schedule a free inspection and appointment.

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