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How Do the Seasons Affect Pest Movements?

No matter the time of year, different kinds of pests are always present in the Midwest. However, a change in weather patterns has a major impact on the overall activity of pests and the risks they may pose to you and your home. Read about the behaviors you can expect to see in pests during each season of the year.


Spring is prime time for many insects. Warmer weather allows dormant pests to awaken, pollen brings bees and an abundance of rain may cause certain insects to seek food and shelter in our homes. Termites, in particular, are attracted to moisture and will happily build a nest in unwanted places after consistent rain. 

In addition to the emergence of pests, springtime also means mating season. Pests will actively begin to seek a mate and reproduce, often rapidly. Although much of this reproduction occurs outdoors, some pests might seek to use your home as a nesting place. Watch for ants and termites during the spring.


While many bugs and insects flourish in hot and sunny weather, the most prominent pests in the summertime are mosquitos. It is difficult to ignore these pesky insects due to the itchy bites they leave behind. Mosquitos thrive in moist environments, like lakes or ponds. Rainfall can also provide the perfect breeding conditions for mosquitos. 


As colder weather sets in, many pests will begin to seek shelter in preparation for winter. This means that they are more likely to come indoors. You can expect to see more spiders, ladybugs, and other insects that typically desire to stay outside. Aside from insects, rodents like mice will certainly be in search of warmth as the temperatures drop. Keeping cracks and holes sealed in your home can help prevent these pests from entering.


Most insects will find a way to escape the coldest season of the year. This mainly occurs through hibernation or migration. Insects can become dormant until warmth returns. Others will move to a warmer area until the cold passes. Although pests are less of a nuisance in the wintertime, it is wise to prepare for the patterns that will emerge when the spring comes back around again. 

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