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What Attracts Ants Indoors?

There are many different types of ants and some of the most common ones to invade your home are: sugar ants, black ants, brown ants and carpenter ants. Carpenter ants can be as destructive as termites as they destroy wood flooring, ceilings and cabinets. Their “excavation activities…[weaken wood] to the point where it can no longer bear weight.” When it comes to information on ants, Midwestern has you covered.

After knowing what types of ants there are and the damage they can incur, I am sure you want to know how to prevent ants from invading your home. The main reasons why ants are drawn indoors is for: water, food and shelter.


Just like all living things, ants need water to survive. Your bathroom or under the kitchen sink are perfect places for ants to make their home. Sinks and tile flooring usually hold more moisture. It is also important to clean up any standing water in and around your home.


Having a clean kitchen can not only allow you to feel less stressed in your home, but it also prevents the likelihood of ants entering your home. Ants are particularly attracted to the smell and taste of grease and sugar, so it is important to keep your counters clean and free from crumbs. When you do have food, be sure to store it in sealed containers or in the refrigerator. If you do not do that then ants will smell the food and come for it.

In addition to keeping your counters clean and storing your food appropriately, you also need to take out the garbage on a regular basis. If waste such as chicken juice from last night’s dinner or an empty oreo container are sitting in your garbage, the aromas will become stronger as the days pass.


Ants need a place to call home, so prevent them from making your home theirs. To do this, be sure to seal any cracks in your walls, inside and out. Another preventative measure you can take to stop ants is through using weather strips on your doors and sealing windows.

If you have ants in your home or would like more information on ant control, contact Midwestern Pest Control.

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