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Which Pests to Look out for in the Colder Months

Now that summer is coming to an end, we will soon be greeted by colder months to come. For some this is a welcomed change, and for others it may not be. Regardless of your preference on colder seasons, one thing that is certain is you may see more pests in or around your home. The reason for this is they would rather be in your warm home than outside in the cold. Here are four pests to look out for in the upcoming winter season.


While ants may be most prominent in warmer seasons, there is still a possibility of them invading your home during the winter as well. Ants are always on the hunt for food and when they find it, they are difficult to get rid of. All it takes is an ant to smell food to release a pheromone that will attract other ants to the source. Midwestern Pest Control treats both the inside and outside of your home as well as finding the direct source of ants to eliminate the problem completely. 


These alarming creatures can be year-round problems. Spiders may be outside your window during the summer or warmer parts of fall, then INSIDE your home during winter trying to find warmth. While many spiders are nothing but unappealing guests, you must look out for and avoid brown recluse and black widows due to their poisonous nature. If you come across those particular spiders, especially multiple ones, it is a good idea to utilize our pest services to remove them. 


Did you know that the opossum can help limit pests around your house? That’s right! They eat voles, mice and even insects. However, they also enjoy eating plants in the garden you diligently worked hard for, or even cause a huge mess by climbing into your trash can. To help deter opossums, install outside lighting along with fences surrounding your outdoor areas and try to keep pet food indoors.


While termites may seem like more of an outdoor problem, they can come inside your home as well. Termites can cause significant damage to the wood structures in your home to the point of causing structures to become unable to bear any weight. Midwestern Pest Control uses termite baiting to eliminate a termite infestation. This is not a toxic chemical, it involves subterranean bait that kills the worker termites, so the rest have nothing to eat and starve off. 

If you’re experiencing problems with any of the animals listed above, don’t hesitate to call Madison County’s Midwestern Pest Control at 314-315-4987.

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