Termite Baiting

Termite Damage

It does not take long for a colony of termites to do considerable damage to your Madison County area home. Hundreds of thousands of termites excavate tunnels through the wood beams of your walls, ceilings and floors, creating a honeycomb effect of damage in the wood. As a result, the wood is no longer able to provide support or bear weight.

Termite bating around your home by our professional pest control technicians prevents this type of extensive damage.

When it comes to termite infestation of your home, the sooner the colony is eradicated, the less damage. Termite eradication is best left to our professional pest control technicians who have the knowledge, experience and training to safely and effectively eliminate termites from your home. Our termite baiting services are the gold standard for termite control.

Why Use Professional Termite Baiting Services?

  • Termite baiting is an environmentally friendly and economical procedure to protect your St. Louis home from termite infestation.
  • Termite baiting avoids the use of toxic chemicals that contaminate the soil around your home. Instead, termite baiting involves the placement of subterranean baits that kill the worker termites. Once the worker termites are dead, the colony has nothing to eat and it starves to death.

How it Works

The first worker termites that find the bait stations leave chemical scent trails that attract even more workers. As more and more worker termites visit the bait station and carry home the wood, a connection is made with the baiting station.

Next, our pest control specialists replace the wood in the baiting station with a pesticide that is toxic to termites. Since the termites are already familiar with the location and comfortable feeding there, the workers are killed by the toxin and the colony is eradicated.

Whether you are in Illinois or Missouri, we try our best to make sure we can help out as many people as possible. Check out our service area to see if we can make it to your home or business!

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