Different Types of Ants in Missouri


There are more than 700 species of ants in North America, but Missouri has 150 different kinds of them, including the two species you’re most likely to see in your kitchen or bathroom: the odorous house ant and the acrobat ant. You usually see the odorous house ant in your kitchen looking for sweets. It has a small abdomen, and it releases a fruity coconut smell when smashed.

The acrobat ant has a heart-shaped abdomen and thrives near moisture. You’re most likely to see it near the tub or bathroom window. Here are some other ant varieties that can be found in the state of Missouri. 

The Eastern Black Carpenter Ant (Camponotus pennsylvanicus) 

This type of ant is large and named because it builds nest tunnels in already-decaying wood such as rotting logs. Because they love to eat wood, they tend to leave trails of sawdust wherever they roam. If you find these trails, they will likely lead you to the ants’ nesting place. 

Yellow Ants

The yellow ant is aptly named because its body is yellow, which also makes them easy to identify. When they are crushed, they emit a citrus-like odor. 

Field Ants

Field ants make their home in grassy areas like fields, yards, parks and gardens. These ants often make mounds with the soil they excavate underground. 

Argentine Ants

These ants live in soil, under pieces of wood or within mulch. They can also frequently be found in bushes, shrubs and trees. You can identify these ants by the trails they leave between their nests and food sources. 

Pavement Ants

As their name suggests, these ants live and build their nests under rocks and stones or in the cracks of pavement. If they make their way indoors, they prefer to set up their homes in the walls and under floors. These ants can easily be found during the summer months, particularly around sidewalks, driveways patios or foundation cracks. 

Crazy Ants

Crazy ants are adaptable creatures. They thrive in both moist and dry areas. Rather than building mounds like other types of ants, these ants live in yard waste, tree cavities, plants, in electrical equipment or buildings. These ants do not like the extreme cold and will move indoors when the temperature drops. 

Pharaoh Ants

These pests like to inhabit buildings. They love to eat grease, sugary foods and dead insects. They also enjoy gnawing on materials like silk, rayon and rubber. These ants have extremely small nests, making them difficult to detect. 

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