What to do if You see an Opossum on Your Property


Movies love referencing possums who pretend to be dead, “playing possum,” and it is true. Opossums are known for pretending to be dead to escape predators. Even if you mean no harm, humans are larger and therefore present a threat to smaller creatures. The danger comes from not knowing what the opossum will do if you do not fall for the ploy. Here are some tips for what to do when you see an opossum on your property.

Simple Scare Tactics

Before you try to interact with any wild animal, make sure it has a clear getaway path. Animals who feel cornered may think fighting is the only way out, and the last thing you want is to go hand-to-hand with a possum. 

If you see an opossum in your yard and it does have a clear getaway path, you can try to startle it away. Remember to keep it simple as possible, because if you scare it too much it could attack you. Be sure to always have a clear getaway route for yourself too, just in case the opossum decides to attack you instead of run. 

Aim to start a disturbance near where the opossum is to startle the opossum and make it want to leave. Making a loud noise or playing loud music usually is enough to get the animal to retreat off your property.

If noise doesn’t do the trick, you can try setting up balloons, pinwheels or oscillating fans in your yard. The constant motion can confuse opossums, making them think there’s another creature in the yard and usually prevents them from sticking around.  

Call Pest Control

Your safest bet for you and your loved ones is to just stay away. When it comes to wildlife, your local pest control is the best equipped to handle it. 

Opossums aren’t naturally aggressive but they can become dangerous when provoked. Opossums are also very territorial when it comes to their children, so for their safety and yours, leave the removal to the professionals. A professional pest control team has the right equipment to keep everyone safe.

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