Franklin County, MO Pest Control

At Midwestern Termite & Pest Control, we've been providing eco-friendly treatments in Franklin County for over 50 years. We know how the humid continental climate in this part of Missouri attracts a range of pests from subterranean termites to centipedes. Below, we'll tell you about three of the most common pests in the area so that you can check for signs of their presence. We're always available for inspections.

Carpenter Ants

These ants are relatively large, black or red in color, and equipped with wings. They're often mistaken for drywood termites, and the two do share similar characteristics. Both like to nest in wood structures, though carpenter ants prefer moist or decayed wood, and both will tunnel along as well as against the grain. These pests will eject sawdust, combined with insect parts and other things, out of their tunnels; this frass, as it's called, is the number-one indicator that you have a carpenter ant infestation.

If you've done all you can - keeping food sealed, taking out the trash regularly, using lemon juice to drive away ants - and the pests still keep coming in, have us come over. We perform both indoor and outdoor treatments.


By termites, most people mean subterranean termites because these are the more common and the more destructive. They form underground colonies and tunnel up to feed on their favorite food, which is moist wood. They don't dwell inside the structure but rather hollow it out; when the time comes to migrate, they develop winged termites, which look for other structures to invade. Warning signs include wood that sounds hollow when you tap on it, discarded wings and pellet-like droppings with a light or dark brown hue.

There are a couple ways to address termite invasions. Our company can spray Termidor® termiticides around your home, creating a barrier that repels termites and kills any that come in contact with it. Or, we can set up a baiting system; this will lead termites away from your property and eventually kill off the whole colony because of the slow-acting poison contained in the bait. Our team can also perform pre-construction termite control.


The spiders you'll most frequently see, like the common house spider and the cellar spider, are harmless save for the annoying webs they make. However, it can still be a shock to reach into a drawer or a closet and be bitten by one of these pests. Even worse, your home or business may be invaded by poisonous black widows or brown recluses. In such cases, don't try to sweep them away yourself. We'll come by and safely remove these pests, then we'll do what we can to spider-proof your home. This usually means sealing cracks and trimming shrubs that are getting too close to your property.

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We're a member of both the National and Missouri Pest Management Associations, so we have the resources necessary to provide great service. No matter what you request, we'll present you with our "Peace of Mind" pledge. This means that if you're not satisfied with our service, we'll redo it, even multiple times if necessary.

No matter where you live in Franklin County, we'll quickly dispatch a team to your location, and they'll arrive at the time you specify. Give us a call to receive a free quote for pest control!