Opossum Control in St. Louis and St. Charles County

Opossums are our pest control friends. They play an important role in keeping mice, voles and insect populations under control. Unfortunately, they can also eat food from gardens, pet bowls and garbage containers, which can make a real mess around your St. Louis area home. If opossums are not being the best of neighbors for you and your family, finding the right solutions can help you to avoid issues with opossums now and in the future.

Understanding the Virginia Opossum

The opossums found in the United States are all part of the same species. Formerly known as Didelphis virginiana, the Virginia opossum is a marsupial that lives in many areas of the country, including the Midwest.

An adult opossum can grow to 40 inches in length from nose to tail and range in weight between four and 12 pounds. Opossums are nocturnal, which means that they are mostly active at night. This can sometimes lead to confusion between opossums and larger cats when they are observed in low light conditions.

How to Help Opossums Safely Move Along

A few simple steps can often prevent opossums from making a home on your property and discourage them from returning. Also, if you have dogs that may pose a threat to their safety, use the following tips to keep them away:

  • Keep pet food indoors to eliminate an important food source for these pests. (During warmer and colder days, please ensure your pet and their food is inside. If it’s too cold/hot for you, it’s probably too cold/hot for your pet.)
  • Pick up any fallen fruit from trees on your property to avoid attracting opossums. Harvesting vegetables from your garden as soon as they are ripe will also remove a food source that could attract opossums and other pests.
  • Because opossums prefer the dark, installing and using outdoor lights will often deter these pests from entering your yard.
  • Fencing in or clearing out areas in which opossums can hide will eliminate many problems with these animals.
  • If you know where they are hiding near your house, you can also place some rags soaked in apple cider vinegar near the area you see them- they dislike strong odors.

Professional Methods for Dealing With Opossums

In the state of Missouri, no permit is required to trap opossums that are causing damage to your property. Companies that specialize in pest control can provide you with customized options for trapping opossums or discouraging them from entering your property. These pest management professionals can resolve issues with unwanted wildlife in a safe and practical way.

At Midwestern Termite & Pest Control, we can help you trap opossums and other pests that may be causing damage to your property. We have been serving the St. Louis area and St. Charles County since 1962, which ensures that our customers receive the best and most practical solutions for their pest control needs.

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