Pest Control Chesterfield, MO

Chesterfield, MO, gives residents a good old suburban feel while not being too far from the bustle and excitement that St. Louis offers. With numerous parks and miles of hiking and mountain-biking trails, it's no wonder that the community is growing. However, the humid subtropical climate means hot and muggy summers and fairy cold winters, which can make the city a prime dwelling-place for pests.

The Midwestern Termite & Pest Control is here though, to take on any pest infestation of any size that your home or business might have. We've been serving the St. Louis metropolitan area since 1962.

Residential Pest Control

Your home may provide shelter for rodents, food for subterranean termites, and trash for raccoons. You may discover cockroaches hiding in dark, humid places. These pests pose a danger to you and your family for different reasons: some, like termites and carpenter ants, destroy wood, while others, like rats and roaches, spread disease. Have our insured and state-licensed team come over to inspect your home and develop an appropriate service plan. We have a strong focus on providing green treatments.

Commercial Pest Control

Perhaps you own an apartment, office building, restaurant, hotel, warehouse, or other commercial property. You no doubt want our pest control services to be discreet so that none of your customers, employees, or tenants are alarmed, and we understand. Our appointment schedule is very flexible. As with our residential treatments, we pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly.

Termite Control

Subterranean termites are one of the most destructive of all pests. If left alone, they can hollow out your wood structures from the foundation to the drywall to the rafters. Rather than let that happen, depend on us to set up bait stations that will slowly, but surely, kill off all the worker termites in the underground colony, basically starving it to death. This way of eliminating termites is more effective and less expensive than having the foundation treated with a liquid termiticide.

Pest Control Programs

We're proud to offer the Premium Plus Program, where we come on a quarterly basis to perform targeted pest control for both the exterior and interior foundation as well as the exterior perimeter. Our team is continually trained and can use state-of-the-art equipment for these visits. We guarantee that you'll be satisfied. If the pests return, we'll do so too, and at no charge.

We offer plans that address:

Carpenter ants
• Carpenter bees
• Cockroaches
• Centipedes
• Rodents
• Squirrels
• Mosquitoes
• Ticks

A Full-Service Pest Control Company

Midwestern Termite & Pest Control is ready to inspect your home and provide a free quote for whatever it is you need. For more about our service, simply give us a call today.