Few things are more disturbing than pests violating your home. When the culprits in question happen to be termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, or restaurant pests, an infestation goes from being a nuisance to costly. Midwestern Pest Control is the local, family-owned pest extermination company who has proudly served St. Peters residents and business owners since 1962. We’ve made it our decades-long mission to protect you, your family, and local businesses from St. Peters’ most annoying pests.

We are licensed by the State of Missouri and certified as a termite control company. Our reviews say a lot about us, and our outstanding work says more. With advanced pest control solutions and quality customer care, we provide services that fit your needs and guarantee results.

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Termite Control in St. Peters, MO

You can count on Midwestern Pest Control to completely eliminate termites from your residential or commercial building because we use deliberate termite treatments for successful extermination and long-term prevention. We start with a professional termite inspection. Whether we’re performing a recommended check-up every 2 years or you have found signs of a termite infestation on your property and want an expert diagnosis, we carefully take the steps needed to:

  • Identify termite species.
  • Locate colony base and spin-off infestations.
  • Determine the correct termite treatment for your situation.
  • Ward-off re-infestations.

Our professional pest control technicians specialize in termite control for St. Peters homes and businesses. We perform:

Pre-construction Termite Control – Prevents termite infestations by treating wood and soil during your building’s construction.

Termite Bait Trap Installation – An eco- and budget-friendly solution to active infestations that exterminates the whole colony.

Termite Inspection for Realtors – Receive professional verification that a house you are buying or selling is free of termites.

After treatment, we follow up with repeat termite inspections to make sure you are completely satisfied with results. Don’t wait to address a possible termite problem.

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Residential Pest Control in St. Peters, MO

St. Peters has many multi-legged home invaders that not only disrupt your peace of mind, but can also cause costly damage. For a trusted residential exterminator who can provide serious relief from incessant ants, spiders, carpenter ants, termites, and even opossums, call Midwestern Pest Control.

We have performed superior residential pest control for all types of homes for more than 60 years. This includes providing single- and multi-family homes, apartments, and condos with professional pest inspections by a residential exterminator, termite treatments, and our all-encompassing Premium Plus Program, which offers quarterly treatments to homeowners.

Midwestern Pest Control’s Premium Plus Program Is the Solution for:

  • Pest prevention
  • On-going pest problems
  • Current infestations
  • Long-lasting pest control

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Commercial Pest Control in St. Peters, MO

As a business or property owner, you’re tasked with a greater responsibility to ensure your building is pest free. But Midwestern Pest Control understands you also have a great burden of ground to cover when it comes to inspecting for a rat infestation, restaurant pests, cockroaches, or a need for hotel pest control.

Our commercial pest services supply St. Peters’ hardworking business owners with a complete resolution to current and future pest problems. Leave the work of locating an infestation and identifying the species to us, so you and your employees can continue business as usual.

Our Commercial Services:

  • Hotel pest control
  • Restaurant pests – inspection and treatment
  • Termite treatment
  • Eradicating cockroaches
  • Rodent removal
  • Bed bug treatment
  • And more!

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