Pre-Construction Termite Control

Termites have the potential to cause thousands of dollars-worth of damage to your newly constructed St. Louis home. Instead of reacting to termite damage once your home has already been infested, pre-construction termite control prevents termite infestation from occurring. Our professional termite and pest control technicians offer several ways that you can prevent a termite invasion before your new home is even built.

Types of Pre-Construction Termite Control

Soil Treatments

Soil treatments for pre-construction termite control are used for homes to be built with a basement or crawl space. This type of termite control involves using a liquid termiticide on the inside and outside of the concrete foundation. If the home is to be built upon a concrete slab, the whole soil surface should be treated with the liquid termiticide before the vapor barrier is installed.

Using liquid termiticide soil treatments for termite control often requires the use of 100 gallons or more of liquid termiticide. Our professional termite control specialists are experienced in the safe handling and application of liquid termiticide.

Wood Treatments

Wood treatments are another way to perform pre-construction termite control, and is done before adding sheetrock or drywall. In this method, structural beams are treated with liquid termiticide to deter termite infestation.


Baiting is another option for pre-construction termite control. Bait stations are installed after the final grading of the soil around your home's foundation. Baiting stations remain active for up to 5 years. This method can be used in conjunction with other methods of pre-construction termite control.

Benefits of Pre-Construction Termite Control

Pre-construction termite control prevents termite infestation before a colony can get into your home. Preventive termite treatments by our trained termite control specialists give you peace of mind that the investment you have made in your new home will not be damaged by destructive termites. By applying liquid termiticide and other termite deterrents during the pre-construction phase of your house, our professional termite control technicians can reach spaces that are hard to get to once your home is completed, allowing for better coverage of the wood and concrete materials of your home.

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