Termite Control in St. Louis & Surrounding Areas

Termites are social insects that live in colonies that may contain several million members. Within a termite colony, there is one queen tended to by guards and many thousands of workers. A termite infestation in your home can lead to serious structural damage as the termites chew their way through the wood in your floors, walls and ceilings. Termite control is a complicated process best left to our Franklin County termite control specialists.

Identifying the Problem

There are several ways you can identify a termite infestation in your home. The best way to identify termites is to have a professional pest inspection at least every two years. Our professional pest control service technicians know where to look in your home and around your property for the signs of a termite problem.

You may also notice signs and symptoms of a termite infestation as you go about your daily activities. Swarms of flying insects flying outside or inside of your home could indicate a termite infestation. The insects will gather around heat generating fixtures or warm spaces such as lights as they seek warmth. If you notice piles of shed insect wings inside your home near the walls or cabinets, this is another sign of termite infestation. Piles of fine sawdust around windows, walls or cabinets are another sign of an active termite colony in your home.

Professional Termite Control Services

Call on us to successfully eliminate a termite colony from your home and avoid re-infestation. Successful baiting and eradication depends on identifying the termite species, locating the colony and any spinoff colonies.

Our professional pest control technicians have the skills and experience to treat the inside and outside of your home to get rid of your specific termite problem. They know how to handle termite pesticides safely and effectively. We follow up with repeat inspections to ensure the termite colony has been killed and that no new colonies have taken their place.

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