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Are Mosquitoes Still Active in the Fall?

Summer is nearing its end, and many of us will miss the warmer temperatures, summer vacations and our time at the pool. However, there are also many things to look forward to in the fall. Think of the crisp and cooler air, crunching leaves and pumpkin spice lattes. As temperatures cool down, the numbers of pests that are active will go down as they begin to hibernate. Some people look forward to the end of summer simply so that they can say goodbye to mosquitoes, as they are particularly active in the summer. But is it true that they are no longer active in the fall? Keep reading to learn more.

Mosquitoes Enjoy Cool Weather

Much like humans, mosquitoes actually enjoy the cooler weather. As they are cold-blooded, they are not able to handle extremely cold temperatures. This means that they go into hibernation in the late fall. In the beginning weeks of fall, they are quite active during the daytime rather than in the evening, like they typically are in the summer. 

Mosquitoes Prepare for Winter

Mosquitoes are still mating in the early fall. However, even though summer is a busier time for breeding, the lower temperatures do not slow them down. They also spend their time before the frigid temperatures come to prepare for winter months. This includes spending their time laying eggs that can survive through the winter and hatch in the spring. Females will typically mate before they go into hibernation. Usually by the first frost of the season, these pests are in full hibernation.

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