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When to Get a Pest Inspection

Some homeowners consider pest inspections an unnecessary expense best to handle on their own. However, there are four critical times that pest inspections are well worth the investment. Learn how calling a pest inspection professional at the right times is both cost-effective and wise.

Selling a Home

We are currently experiencing a strong sellers’ market for homes. Many are thinking about putting their homes up for sale. Before you consider selling your home, arrange for a professional pest inspection. Trained professionals will come to your home and examine it thoroughly for any pest situations that could hinder your selling process. Prepare to sell with confidence after learning the soundness of your home’s structure.

Buying a Home

It is equally important to enter into purchasing a home only after a complete pest inspection has been completed. Ask to see the report submitted by the inspector. If there are problems, ask for corrections and for pests to be eliminated before finalizing the purchase. This knowledge and reassurance are well worth the time investment.

Fixing a Home

If you are well satisfied in your home, don’t get too comfortable. Stay alert to containers that appear disturbed, scraping sounds or marks along floors or doorways, or any other telltale signs of an infestation. As soon as you see evidence of trouble, call on a trained professional to inspect the home, fix the problem and offer guidance on how to prevent the situation from getting out of hand again.

Maintaining a Home

If you love your home, scheduling routine inspections yearly or bi-yearly is a must. This plan will help you stay on top of problems long before evidence becomes evident. Many pests such as termites are practically invisible as they do their work within the walls of your home. You won’t see signs of their destruction until considerable damage has already been done.

When a pest inspection is in order, turn to Midwestern Termite and Pest Control. Our company stands as one of the most established and respected in the community. For almost 60 years, Midwestern has provided pest control and termite services in the St. Louis area, including the counties of Franklin, Jefferson and St. Charles. 

We offer a full range of professional services to protect your home fully. Contact Midwestern Termite and Pest Control today for the peace of mind that you deserve!


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