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Ways to Keep Spring Insects Out of Your Home

It’s springtime in Missouri, and the blooming flowers mean it's safe for us to emerge from our homes and start enjoying outdoor fun. Unfortunately, it means the same thing for hibernating pests, with active critters foraging and hunting for new nesting opportunities as we move into warmer weather. 

Avoid the headache of a pest infestation by taking proactive measures. Follow these handy tips to keep spring insects out of your home and start enjoying a pest-free, worry-free season.

3 Ways to Keep Spring Pests Out of Your Home

Want to know how to keep your home pest free this spring? Here are the best 3 ways to get rid of pests in your house.

Inspect Your Home’s Exterior

Cold winter climates put stress on your home’s structure, opening up new cracks and gaps to give pests access. Walk around the exterior of your home to check for cracks in brick and concrete, gaps in doorways or chips around windows. Pay special attention to spots on exterior walls where ductwork, electric lines and plumbing enter the house.

Fill any cracks, gaps or holes that you may find. Use a silicone-based caulk to fill in plaster cracks. If you have small gaps in concrete and masonry, try using concrete epoxy. Large holes will probably need to be filled in with ready-mix concrete.

Check out Your Home’s Interior

Spring cleaning is a perfect time to assess how welcoming your home is to pests. Inspect your attic and basement for signs of moisture. Any leaks around the foundation or in the roof need to be repaired to dissuade pests from creeping in. Reduce as much moisture as possible.

If you have stored decorations and boxes, consider clearing out as much paper, cardboard and unused clothing as possible. Rodents and pests, like cockroaches, will use or eat nearly anything they can.

Keep Your Yard in Check

Melting snow can clue you in on prime conditions for pests to flourish. Winter deposits of leaves, sticks and various debris give pests food, water and shelter on their way to your home. Standing water should be resolved to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds.

When you have the inside, outside and surrounding area buttoned-up, keeping pests out of your home only requires discipline. Keep rooms cleanespecially the kitchen and bathroomsand make sure to take the trash and recycling out daily.

Ants, termites, crickets and a whole host of springtime pests are right around the corner. Our team of experts is your trusted partner for effective prevention and comprehensive pest extermination in Missouri. For information on protecting your home this season or to schedule an appointment with a technician, contact Midwestern Termite & Pest Control today!

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