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How To Tell If You Need A Pest Inspection?

Do you think that a rat family is living in your attic? The good news is that you don't have to climb in your attic to see if you're right. Rats and other pests make their presence known in a number of ways. When you come across any of the following signs, it's in your best interest to get assistance from your Franklin County, MO pest exterminator because your property is due for a pest inspection.

Hear Noises

Insects and rodents can cause a somewhat noisy disturbance as they move around behind walls and squeeze through tight spaces. Although the noises are typically faint, you'll be able to hear them if you stay alert. It just depends on which culprit you're dealing with. From rats to carpenter ants, most of these invaders are active at night. Gray squirrels and some insects can be seen and heard throughout the day, especially in the morning. If you hear scratching sounds coming from the walls, attic or basement, don't stand idly by. You may have a terrible infestation problem that needs immediate attention.

See Droppings

When you enter certain rooms, do you smell the stench of feces? Unfortunately, pests are like humans when they have to use the bathroom. This means that they will relieve themselves whenever they want to, and they typically do it within the same area. Since these pesky critters have different appetites and body types, it makes sense that they leave behind distinct droppings. Ergo, you can examine the smelly pellets to get a good idea of what has invaded your home.

Notice Unaccountable Damage

When you come across tiny holes in your furniture, you wouldn't be wrong to think that termites are living with you. Some termite species hollow out wooden structures in order to create galleries for their colonies. As you might expect, rats are able to cause even more structural damage because they gnaw on things with their razor-sharp teeth when they are out searching for food.

Therefore, if you keep finding wooden shavings and bite marks around your home, you're probably too late. Those critters have taken up residence in your home. Thankfully, a professional pest exterminator can restore your peace of mind by getting rid of the infestation once and for all.

An Inspection is in Order

If you want to know for sure that you're living in a pest-free home, it's important that you schedule an inspection. Most infestations expose themselves with telltale signs, but you can't afford to wait for those signs to develop. You have to be prudent and proactive if you want to win your fight against pests. Taking precautionary measures will go a long way toward keeping pesky invaders at bay.

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