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Most Common Pests in St. Louis, MO

Over 170,000 homes exist in St. Louis, Missouri. Each one of these homes has experienced or has high chances of experiencing some type of pests. From mosquitos to rodents, there is no escaping them. However, you can prepare yourself. Keep scrolling to check out the most common pests in St. Louis, Missouri. 


The most common pest in the United States is ants. There are more than 10,000 species of ants from all over the world. Carpenter and pavement ants are the most common ones found in St. Louis and the surrounding areas. Just like termites, carpenter ants feed on wood. If they have access to your home, they can cause serious damage such as house collapses. Pavement ants are not as dangerous as the other ants, but they do raid food sources and attract other ants. To avoid these pests, seal up all opened foods and store everything away properly. 

Biting Insects

One of the worst types of pests to have on your property are biting insects. These bugs end up leaving rashes, itchy bumps and swollen areas. In more severe cases, they can carry life-threatening illnesses like malaria or Lyme disease. The St. Louis area typically sees more cases of bed bugs, ticks, chiggers, mosquitoes and dust mites in or around a person’s property. Avoid these awful bites and diseases by clearing your home of all these pests. 


Opossums look like cuddly creatures on the outside, but they can cause serious damage to your lawn and home. Typically, neighborhoods benefit from opossums since they keep other pests away like rodents, moles and insects, but if left to their own devices, they will destroy garbage bags and gardens as well as eat out of pet bowls. If you find an opossum on your property, do not take matters into your hands or harm these animals. Instead, contact pest or animal control to take care of the issue. 


A pest issue that can happen anywhere in North America is termites. Unfortunately, the St. Louis area is not skipped. Termites eat away wood, whether it is in a forest or your home. At a faster rate than carpenter ants, they can cause sections of your home or your entire house to collapse. Plus, they still feed in the winter. In many cases, they actively look for homes to breed and take shelter in during the colder months. 

St. Louis Pest Control - Midwestern Termite & Pest Control 

Do not let any of these pests take over your home. Instead, get rid of the problem right away by contacting your local pest control service, Midwestern Termite and Pest Control. For more information, shoot us a message today.


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