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Pests of the Midwest

Travel the country and the pests you encounter change along with the scenery. If you live in the Midwest, a unique combination of crawlers threatens your home and gardens.


The hardworking ant proves to be persistent. Once this tiny creature discovers a food source, it comes back again and again — with friends. Destructive carpenter ants and less harmful black and brown ants become nuisances. They contaminate food and cause property damage.

Biting Insects

Ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and bed bugs love a living host. Your adventuring son, a traveling spouse or an active pet carry these pests inside your home. Small and mobile, biting insects threaten to cause disease in those you love.

Stinging Insects

Honey bees, yellow jackets, wasps and hornets disrupt outdoor activities. While labeled pests, bees and their compadres prove beneficial. They control other pest populations and boost the ecosystem. Still, hives hidden underground or in the walls of your home prove problematic.


Another controller of pests, spiders also get a bad rep. Most Midwest homeowners do not take issue with these eight-legged critters outside. But, spiders inside with their webs and waste become a nuisance.

Stink Bugs

While not native to the U.S., stink bugs invade Midwest homes in search of warmth before winter hits. They release a scent that attracts friends. You find them on windowsills, dive-bombing guests and … everywhere.


Hollywood turns mice into entertaining creatures. But, off-screen, they carry disease and contaminate food. Mice, rats and voles burrow underground creating tunnels to upset your landscaping. This is one pest on the top of Midwesterners’ elimination list.


Graceful and glassy-eyed, deer represent the beauty of nature. Watching them from your front window may be awe-inspiring. Unfortunately, they love to nibble on flowers, bushes and trees. The damage to your landscape may cause you to rethink their wonder.

Eliminating Midwest Pests

Eliminating the problems caused by these pests proves easier said than done.

At home, you can …

  • Put food away, wipe spills and clean up crumbs.
  • Seal windows and doors, and repair screens.
  • Eliminate standing water around the yard.
  • Protect pets with vet-recommended treatments.
  • Try natural or home remedies to send pests packing.

But, sometimes this is not enough. You need a professional.

No matter the pests wreaking havoc on your home or yard, help is a phone call away. Midwestern Termite & Pest Control offers peace of mind with exceptional service.

Contact Midwestern Termite & Pest Control for a pest-free home today.

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