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Pests to be on The Lookout For This Winter

When the thermometer begins to dip towards the freezing mark, various types of pests will be trying to take refuge. Your home provides all of the resources they need to survive the cold weather. Here are some of the most common winter pests that we typically see in the area. 


slide rodentsMice can be a problem throughout the year. However, they are especially problematic during the winter. The freezing outdoor temperatures and lack of available food cause these rodents to target your home. Because their bodies are so limber, mice can easily slip through tiny holes. Once mice have successfully gotten inside, prepare to have an uphill battle on your hands. Not only can mice cause serious sanitary issues, but they can also damage property. 

Carpenter Ants

Don’t be surprised to see carpenter ants lurking in your home this winter. Like a team of soldiers, carpenter ants work together to complete their mission. Pet food, syrup, and sugar are just a few of their favorite snacks. If you plan to have guests over for a holiday feast, be sure to take the necessary precautions. Despite being such tiny insects, carpenter ants can cause a great deal of trouble for homeowners. While these ants are creating indoor nests, they will tunnel through wood. The damage will eventually begin to take its toll. Furthermore, research has proven that ants can exacerbate allergy symptoms. 

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs have long remained a problem for local residents. During the fall and winter, these pests can be found crawling throughout your home. Although stink bugs are not dangerous, they can still be a big headache. Their smelly odor is especially disgusting. Stink bugs can also leave dozens of dead carcasses inside your home. A full-blown infestation means you should be prepared to perform a major clean-up. 


Roaches have survived some of nature’s toughest challenges, including the Ice Age. You definitely don’t want these tough-nosed pests to get inside your home. It will only be a matter of time before you are dealing with an infestation. From food contamination to asthma flair-ups, roaches are known to cause a number of health problems.

When facing a pest problems, be sure to contact Midwestern Pest Control. Our professional technicians promise to give your family an extra peace of mind this winter.

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