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Quarterly Pest Control - What You Need To Know

Pest control is something that often falls off of the radar, until you have what appears to be a problem in your, or your loved ones, own home. Pest control maintenance is recommended on a routine basis, both monthly and quarterly.

Midwestern Termite & Pest Control is one of the oldest, and most respected pest control companies in the business. Getting their start in 1962, Midwestern Termite & Pest Control has spent over 50 years delivering best in class products and services that keep their customers, not their critters, coming back for more.

Why Quarterly Treatments Matter

Prevention is incredibly important, especially if you are in it for the long haul. The sooner you get a pest control treatment plan in place, the more likely you will be to built this into your budget and your routine to do’s. In addition to monthly treatments, quarterly treatments provided an extra layer of protection, and also an added set of eyes, for anything that may have been missed or overlooked during monthly treatments. Quarterly treatments help prepare for the upcoming seasons, which usually include their own types of pests and allergens.

What’s Included

Every pest treatment service is going to differ, but what is important is that you find one that you trust, is respected, and is backed with a guarantee so you aren’t left with the aftermath and chaos from a half completed job. Here’s a list of what is typically covered during a quarterly treatment.

  • Inspection of the property - both indoor and outdoor
  • Identification of problems or conditions that are favorable for infestation
  • Treatment(s)
  • Recommendations and Educational Awareness

Treatments typically include an outdoor spray around the perimeter of a home, plus an additional 4-5 yards surrounding it. Indoors, a more specialized treatment is provided to ensure safety to people and pets and is applied in and around areas that typically pose to be problematic.

What Else Do You Need To Know

We know pests are not going anywhere, and many of them look worse than they really are. Even when there is no threat posed, it is still important to handle infestations with caution and to do your part in the preventative care measures that can be taken. Your wallet will thank me later!

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