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What are the Common Signs of Carpenter Ants?

slide carpenter antsYou probably see ants every day when you step foot outside. With more than 3,000 species in the States, it's hard to avoid them. Most ants are nuisances as they invade your home looking for sweet foods to take back to their colonies. However, other ants cause property damage and bring down the value of your home.

3 Signs of Carpenter Ants

You see them.

Carpenter ant workers go out each day in search of food for the colony. It's not rare to find one inside your home or on your patio. Just because you see an ant or two doesn't mean that there's a nest somewhere nearby. However, you'll want to inspect your home as a precautionary measure.

You see holes in wood.

Although some ant species build nests in the ground, carpenter ants build their nests in wood. They gnaw away at the wood, creating burrows that lead deep inside the structure. The holes may start out small, but it's not uncommon for them to grow larger and more abundant across the surface of a building or a wooden object like furniture or deck railing.

You see sawdust on the ground.

Carpenter ants leave behind sawdust on the ground as they chew holes into the wood. It might be hard to notice at first, especially if the wind has blow it away. If they burrow holes in wood fascia, the sawdust will fall into small piles or spread evenly on the ground below. Look for sawdust along the foundation or in common areas like your patio. If there's an infestation, you'll need to take quick action before the problem spreads.

Professional Ant Control for Infestations

Carpenter ants cause property damage as they burrow into wood. They attack wood siding, fence posts, decking and more. Although they don't consume the wood like termites do, they create visual damage and weaken wooden structures. If you suspect a carpenter ant infestation, contact Midwestern Pest Control for help. Our technicians will inspect your home for carpenter ants, evaluate the damage and eliminate the nests. We can also provide preventative maintenance with a customized pest control program.

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