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Why Is Pre-Construction Termite Control Needed?

Termites thrive in a wide range of natural habitats by consuming dead wood. Opportunistic feeders, these wood-boring insects do not make a distinction between a dead tree in the woods and the lumber used to build your home. Termites are a constant threat because they can attack wood-based architectural features year-round. They devour wood weakening the structural integrity of your home. You should take proactive measures to protect your investment by including a pre-construction termite treatment in your building plans and budget.

Why Is Pre-Construction Termite Treatments Important?

These pests can cause considerable damage before an infestation is discovered because they establish their colonies in inaccessible locations. The cost of these types of repairs is not usually covered by standard homeowner insurance policies. Instead of reacting to an infestation after your home is built, you can prevent these destructive insects from reaching your property by arranging a pre-construction termite control treatment. A part of your preventive pest control plan, this treatment option helps ensure better long-term protection for your home. You should take steps to prevent a problem now to avoid expensive repair costs in the future.

How Does the Treatment Work?

A pre-construction termite treatment is matched to your environment, safety and budget based on the potential risk. In addition to bait systems, the most common options include soil and wood treatments. These methods can be used in conjunction with other techniques for maximum protection. Consisting of physical or chemical barriers, these treatments force termites into an inspection area where they can be detected. This reduces the likelihood of the insects entering hidden areas of your property. The pest control agent is applied at the appropriate time during the construction process. This enables the treatment to reach places that are typically inaccessible once construction is finished for greater effectiveness. In addition to ensuring the best protection possible, the strategic placement eliminates the risk that members of the household and your guests will contact the chemicals.

Benefits of Pre-Construction Termite Control

Pre-construction termite treatments help prevent an infestation from invading and damaging your property. Knowledgeable builders typically include this treatment in the cost of construction because prospective buyers often insist that this procedure be performed on new homes. Do not miss the opportunity to save money by safeguarding your investment during the construction phase. Prevention is often the most cost-effective option. Our team has the expertise to protect your home from termite damage. For peace of mind, contact the experienced specialists at Midwestern Termite and Pest Control for a free, no-obligation quote. Check out our service area today to see if we can help!

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